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web entrapments


Posted by cyandle357 on 2004.07.06 at 18:59
new site design completed using a lot of CSS and far less tables - would appreciate any thoughts that you may have...

NOTE: If you find any problems please specify the problem as well as list the OS and Browser that you are currently using. Thanks!

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Your input on EspressoGuy.com

Posted by mrericsir on 2004.06.30 at 20:42
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For the first time in two years, I've completely changed the layout of my espresso website. I've also coded a content management system for the site, but whatever. You're here to make your voice heard, so let's get on with business (though not in the sense that I'm paying you or anything.)

Here's the site: EspressoGuy.com

Now we can't forget what we're doing here. The rate_my_layout LJ page states, and I quote:
Please rank sites on a scale of 1-10 in the areas of layout, ease of use, and quality of content. Also, please tell what browser and OS you are using to view the page.
I realize rating the content of a site is the most difficult, but I'd really appreciate it if you did because it's a content-based site. But all feedback is very much welcome.


ahh :-(

Posted by zaskoda on 2004.06.30 at 19:56
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I was hoping things would keep on hopping around here...

Oh well :/


I like this community

Posted by zaskoda on 2004.06.21 at 22:11
This is awesome. The feedback posted here helped me move foward a bit on the designs I posted. http://www.DentonOnTap.com got a lot of updates inspired by what I read here. Thanks! :-)

TJ Electronix

Posted by ftrjmb on 2004.06.21 at 07:52
Hello everyone, got invited to join so thanks. I know that my site needs a lot of work so any helyou can give would be greatly appreciated.


This is awesome, I'll go again..

Posted by zaskoda on 2004.06.21 at 00:04
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Ok, here's another site to slaughter:


web entrapments

What about mine?

Posted by cyandle357 on 2004.06.20 at 18:17
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I'm next I guess...WebEntrapments.com...lemme have it...


Please rate my layout...

Posted by zaskoda on 2004.06.20 at 11:47
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please rate visual layout, useability, and content quality seperately on a scale from 1 to 10

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